Use The Right Hanger For Maximizing Your Closet Space

The kind of hanger that you choose for your clothes does play a huge role and can make quiet a difference to your closet space. You can use the following tips mentioned below when it comes to maximizing your closet space.

There are several which help in saving your space and pave way for other closet accessories.

If you have velvet hangers you could use finger clips and cascading hooks together with it. This allows you to give your hanger a customised look and you can feasibly fit a lot many things into your closet, through a single hanger itself.

These clothes hangers are available in different sizes and chic prints which give a very beautiful look to your closet. Since these hangers help to save a lot of your space, you would be able to quite efficiently manage and organize your space, as per your necessity. At the same time, it will give quite a great look to your closet as well.

You should pair bottoms and tops together. This will save tons of your precious time, especially when you remember the times you have to get ready for work or for a party. Pair outfits together in a hanger and notice how much time it saves you. Plus, you can create space and the space also gets doubled. If you want, you could get a few specialty suit hangers, which will expediently hang skirt or pants along with the top or shirt that will go with it. Again, attaching hanger clips and cascading hooks work wonderfully, when one wants to fit in more, at the same time create space.

Use a hanger to hold multiple items, every time, and notice the space created. When you are using a pants hanger, do so by hanging a few more pants in one hanger itself. A lot of room is created and the pants look neat at the same time. Clips again come out being handy here to hold a few of your items. A few hangers come with hooks and use them for attaching another hanger to it, at the base. They will work wonderfully for hanging skirts, and other items could get conveniently draped on to it. 

At times, when you use the right kind of hanger for a particular purpose, notice how much space it saves and creates for other items to conveniently fit it. For example, coat and suit hangers usually come with a curved edge, and this will help to maintain the shape of the garment that is heavier than others. This curvature does help clothes to stay together without over cramming or wrinkling. Velvet and flat metal hangers have been designed especially not to get crossed up on the bar, unlike the ones that are more flimsy, like the wire hangers.